Zgoubidoo specialized and contributed commands

Contributed commands module not part of Zgoubi core but added to Zgoubidoo.

This module consists of contributed commands or elements that are not part of Zgoubi itself but are contributed to Zgoubidoo. In particular, subclasses of the usual Zgoubi commands specialized to specific applications or machines can be described in this module.

The organization of this module is such that a distinct sub-module is created per machine or center.

IBA elements


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B1G([label1, label2])

Proteus One 40 degree dipole.

B2G([label1, label2])

Proteus One 70 degree dipole.

B3G([label1, label2])

Proteus One 60 degree dipole.

CGTR([kinematics, b1g, b2g, b3g, t1g, t2g, …])

Proteus One compact gantry (CGTR) input sequence.

DipoleIBA([label1, label2])

IBA generic dipole.

HorizontalSlits([label1, label2])

Proteus One horizontal slits.

Q1C([label1, label2])

Proteus One ‘Q1C’ gantry quadrupole.

Q1G([label1, label2])

Proteus One ‘Q1G’ gantry quadrupole.

Q2C([label1, label2])

Proteus One ‘Q2C’ gantry quadrupole.

Q2G([label1, label2])

Proteus One ‘Q2G’ gantry quadrupole.

Q3G([label1, label2])

Proteus One ‘Q3G’ gantry quadrupole.

Q4G([label1, label2])

Proteus One ‘Q4G’ gantry quadrupole.

Q5G([label1, label2])

Proteus One ‘Q5G’ gantry quadrupole.

Q6G([label1, label2])

Proteus One ‘Q6G’ gantry quadrupole.

Q7G([label1, label2])

Proteus One ‘Q7G’ gantry quadrupole.

QLong([label1, label2])

Proteus One long quadrupole.

QPMQ([label1, label2])

Proteus One ‘PMQ’ quadrupole.

QShort([label1, label2])

Proteus One short quadrupole.

QWall([label1, label2])

Proteus One ‘wall’ quadrupole.

QuadrupoleIBA([label1, label2])

IBA generic quadrupole.


Proteus One research area input sequence.

SL1G([label1, label2])

First vertical collimator

SL2G([label1, label2])

First horizontal collimator

SL3G([label1, label2])

First vertical collimator

SMX([label1, label2])

Proteus One inline (horizontal) scanning magnet.

SMY([label1, label2])

Proteus One crossline (vertical) scanning magnet.

T1G([label1, label2])

Proteus One steering magnet.

T2G([label1, label2])

Proteus One steering magnet.

VerticalSlits([label1, label2])

Proteus One vertical slits.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.iba.B1G, zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.iba.B2G, zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.iba.B3G, zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.iba.CGTR, zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.iba.DipoleIBA, zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.iba.HorizontalSlits, zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.iba.Q1C, zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.iba.Q1G, zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.iba.Q2C, zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.iba.Q2G, zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.iba.Q3G, zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.iba.Q4G, zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.iba.Q5G, zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.iba.Q6G, zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.iba.Q7G, zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.iba.QLong, zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.iba.QPMQ, zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.iba.QShort, zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.iba.QWall, zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.iba.QuadrupoleIBA, zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.iba.ResearchArea, zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.iba.SL1G, zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.iba.SL2G, zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.iba.SL3G, zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.iba.SMX, zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.iba.SMY, zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.iba.T1G, zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.iba.T2G, zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.iba.VerticalSlits

CERN elements




Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.cern.lhec.LHeC

Emma elements





Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.emma.QD, zgoubidoo.commands.contrib.emma.QF